Our Vision

Let us manage and secure your systems so you can concentrate on what really matters to you.
This is what security means for us:

This is what security means for us:

  • S

    ervice by a trusted team that
  • E

    nsures you are protected 24/7
  • C

    ontinuously monitors potential risks and active threats that
  • U

    ndermine your data privacy, integrity, and availability (which can
  • R

    esult in loss of money, data, company reputation, and your business),
  • I

    ntuitively analyzes your network, critical systems, and online services
  • T

    o actively document, protect, and recover from unexpected disasters.
  • Y

    our Tech-Alert team is ready!
Our Mission

Utilize our broad expertise to protect and support your critical business systems. Provide innovative solutions for your IT needs. Keep a high level of cybersecurity, data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Ensure your business runs smoothly.

Why Choose Us?
  • Quick Response Time: With years of proven quick response time we respond and resolve issues within 15 minutes 98% of the time . Just ask our current managed clients.
  • Commitment: We are 110% committed to you because your success is our success. We go that extra mile for our clients to provide the best cost-effective and creative solutions to random conundrums.
  • Trust: We nurture a level of trust with our clients to allow us to operate as a personal IT assistant, and save time and hassle rehashing information collection each time you contact us.
  • Scheduling Flexibility: You can request us to schedule work while you go about your business. If you are in a meeting, away on vacation, or nowhere near your computer, just tell us what you need and we are on it. We pride ourselves on being your confidant. When you need us, we can even be in and out of your office usually before your day starts.
  • Quality Assurance: Anyone can mark a request complete. We mark requests as complete waiting approval with your satisfaction as our goal.
  • High-End “Personalized” Service: Everyone provides service, but not all services are equal. Don’t take our word for IT, ask our clients or read what they say.
  • Outsourcing Cost Benefits: An experienced team saves you monthly up to $10,000 compared to the cost of one full-time employee. We are available 100% of the time. No paid sick days or vacations. You also save on paying taxes, benefits, extra office space and other costs associated with staff hiring.
  • Pool of Knowledge: We have years of experience in supporting systems similar to yours. When something happens we are committed to using all our resources to provide solutions and answers. We are not afraid to say we do not know it all. We are grateful to have associates and partnerships with other vendors who increase our pool of knowledge and can give us the answers you need.
  • Securing Your Systems: Using dedicated programs and equipment we can detect security breaches, virus attacks, and many other threats to your systems. We continuously update your systems with the latest security patches and anti-virus software to protect your systems and data.
  • Securing Your Data: We understand the importance of keeping your information secure and available. We can setup, manage, and validate your online and local backups daily. We encourage and help you take steps to create a backup when one does not exist. With a backup we can easily help you recover deleted or changed files from a few weeks ago. We offer backup solutions to keep things managed under one plan, and ensure your data is available no matter what happens.
  • Other Projects & Questions: Technical support is not the only thing we are capable of. We can help with other matters even if they are not related to IT. Just ask, it can’t hurt, and you might be surprised what more we can do.

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