Security Services

Managed Services

Proactive Protection,
Detection & Response

To achieve a successful security plan, we use next-gen security tools, processes, and expertise to harden and defend your company’s security readiness against malicious attacks. This multi-layered approach decreases the likelihood of an incident going undetected.

Awareness Training

When your staff knows how to identify threats like social engineered or phishing scams, they are actively protecting your data and everyone’s sensitive information. Hackers are more sophisticated and invent new tricks to gain access to company information, user login details, and personal information. Ongoing training helps your staff identify, avoid, and report these incidents.


Regulations by law must be kept to avoid lawsuits and fines. Our expert partners will assist you in meeting your industry compliance needs and minimizing the risk of a costly data breach fine.

On-Demand Projects


Security gaps always exist in your network and online services. However, few understand the risks and exposure that these security gaps pose to their clients and company. A security assessment is necessary to expose security gaps that malicious users can exploit to gain access, steal, or use against your business.

Office 365

E-mail contains sensitive data of your business & your clients. Office 365 out of the box is not secure. Administrator accounts are often not locked tightly and offer easy access to hackers. We analyze your email communication needs and block unauthorized users from forwarding emails to external mailboxes (often used for fraud). We configure Office 365 policies to give your IT team better insight into threats and risks.

IT Management

Managed Services

IT Assistance

Don’t like to share resources? Our star VIP service will give you access to your personal dedicated tech. You need us there? Just say the word. IT doesn’t get better than this.

IT Assistance

Our trusted 24/7 remote support team is waiting for your request anytime you have a question or need assistance. We will even do it for you while you are away if we can.

Consult & Support

Choose a flat rate monthly support plan with a dedicated on-call team and be hourly costs worry free.


Your computers, printers, servers, online services like e-mail, and many more – all need to be properly managed. We can setup, protect, and manage alerts on almost any online device or service and notify you when things are not optimal.


The computer is an important aspect of our lives. We protect it from emerging threats and keep it clean and healthy to make you more productive. We usually work in the background without you even noticing, so you can continue to use your computer.


Your documents, pictures, and more will be safe from unexpected device failure or mistaken deletion. We set up, manage, and verify your local and online backups daily. Need to restore a file or an older version of it? We can make it happen.


E-mails keep us all connected, but expose us to viruses and other pests. With our spam filter solution we reduce the risks that come by e-mail. You also have full control over whose e-mails are allowed or blocked.

Archival & Legal Hold

To delete or not to delete? That is the question. Your mailbox is full? Legally bound to keep a copy of all your e-mail correspondence? Wonder if any e-mails were deleted by mistake? Our secure online e-mail archival can keep a copy of your inbound and outbound e-mails forever and doesn’t take any of your local storage space.

On-Demand Projects


Your computer and network equipment workspace can get messy with loose cables and devices all over. If the mere sight of it gives you a headache or your feet keep tripping over cables, let us take a peek. We can help rearrange and organize your workspace and make it neater.

New Office or Home Network
Design & Deploy

If you are setting up a new space with existing network equipment or starting from scratch, we can help you ensure nothing is missing. We can assist with handling your computers and equipment orders, set everything up in the new space, and make it a smooth plug and play experience. We will also be there the day after to handle any minor glitches.

Server / Email / Data

Migration involves more than just copy and paste. Do you know what happens to your files dates after you move them? We can manage your next migration, and ensure your files retain their original dates and everything is where it should be after the transition.

Design & Deploy

We can design, improve, configure, install, manage, and support your new or current wireless and wired network. We can help with various wireless internet routers, home or business firewalls, and many other devices that connect to your network. Not sure how to set up your device? Just contact us.

Build Your
Online Entity

Do you have a business, home business, or a need for your own personalized e-mail? Are you using @gmail, @yahoo, @aol, etc, etc, you get the drift right? We can help set up your professional domain name and e-mail to show your clients you mean business.


Need advice before you buy your new computer? Need more memory, a larger hard drive, or other computer parts? We can help you find it, buy it, and install it.

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