Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Here are our terms and conditions regarding different aspects of our company.

General Terms & Conditions

Our Commitment

We will jump through hoops for you if needed. We will answer your questions, troubleshoot any problem, and work on completing your requests, as fast as possible, by using a secure remote session, phone call, and any other communication means available to us.

Your Commitment

To ensure our success we need your full cooperation and quick response back, should we need it. Please check your email, answer your phone, and reply to our questions and requests. We promise we won’t bother you unless we must.


If your device is covered by one of our unlimited support plans, there are no additional costs. Non-covered devices or services will be charged per 15 minutes based on our current rates that you can find at Our Rates page.

Money Back Guarantee

In case we cannot resolve a specific issue, we will reimburse you the portion of our service cost associated with the time spent on that specific task. Any other tasks we completed successfully will be charged as agreed. (Only apply to support for non-covered devices or services)


At the end of the support session we will charge your credit card for the support time we devoted to your request(s). If you are signed on any Tech-Alert service or support plan, we will bill you using the same billing method we have for you on file.

Your Responsibility

There is one important thing we need you to do before we even begin. Backup important files and information from your computer to an external drive or/and online backup. Not sure how? fear not and ask us anything, we are here to assist. In the event a full backup does not exist we cannot guarantee we can restore lost data.

Your Computer Data

We value the information on your computer. We cannot express how important backup is, and maybe the fact we mention it should be a hint. Remember we are here to help, not destroy, but sometimes unexpected things happen. We utilize third-party tools and scripts that we tested as safe to use, but under rare circumstances they may misbehave. Before you panic, remember what we said about backup? THAT’S WHY. Of course 99.9% of the time everything goes smoothly. Even in the event of an unexpected snafu, we can usually fix or undo what happened.

Warranty & Licensing

We do not warrant hardware or software. Warranty protection for hardware or software that you purchased with or without our assistance will be subject to the warranty given by the manufacturer. We encourage you to use only licensed and legal software and in no way liable for any unlicensed or illegal software you choose to install on your device(s).


In case something did go awry, we will do our best to rectify the situation. We are not liable for any system failure or data loss as a direct or indirect result of troubleshooting systems, virus removal, end user error, or any other non-malicious action that results in system failure or loss of data. If you seek monetary compensation, Tech-Alert will refund you no more than the maximum cost paid for the tasks performed that led to the system failure or data loss.


We respect your privacy. Anything that happens on your computer stays on your computer. We do not share your information with anyone unless it is needed to complete your request and with your prior permission.

Third Party Support Costs & Info Share

We don’t know it all but we are very resourceful. We will let you know if we need assistance from third party vendors and remove the surprise factor by approving any additional costs with you. With your consent, we might need to share some of your non-sensitive information with third party support providers.

Third Party Software & Services

In the pursuit of your happiness, we utilize third party applications and services. These services and applications that we may manage for you are beyond our control sometimes. We are at the mercy of third party vendor service level agreements and/or terms and conditions. Before pointing a blaming finger and getting upset when things go wrong or slower than expected, just remember that we are doing our best to resolve your problems as fast as possible regardless of any third party vendor obstacles.

Information Inquisition

We may observe or inspect your device(s) to catch potential issues but we cannot see the future, read minds, or predict random events. We need your patience when we have to ask you tedious questions to pin point an issue cause and devise a plan to resolve it.

Support Hours & Response Time

If you are covered by one of our unlimited support plans, you can extend the remote support hours beyond our normal office business hours. Otherwise we are available only when our offices are open, usually on Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm eastern standard time. If you require support beyond our office hours, it must be scheduled ahead of time during our office business hours.

Late Payment

Payment is due upon completion of our service and no later than the due date on your invoice. If you fail to process payment before the due date without notice, you will be charged 5% for the service cost for every month the invoice remains unpaid.


Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these Term & Conditions, or the breach of them, will be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”), under its Commercial Arbitration Rules. All hearings will be held in New York City. Such arbitration will be decided by one arbitrator, who will be an attorney, chosen from lists provided by the AAA. Each party will have the right to demand production of documents and things in the possession or control of the other party, and a detailed statement of the other party’s claims and defenses, prior to the arbitration hearing. The award will provide a detailed explanation for each item of relief that is granted or denied and will provide the calculations upon which any damage award is based. The arbitrator may award attorneys’ fees and other expenses to the prevailing party.

General Project Terms & Conditions

Estimated Charges

Tech-Alert Inc. commits to handle your project tasks described in this document. The charges described are an estimated average project cost. We calculate the final total project cost at the end of the project and based on the total actual project hours. Cost may increase due to unforeseen complications, added tasks not described in this agreement, additional third party vendor costs, or any other reason that may affect the project completion. You agree to pay the final total cost.

Project Rate & Discounted Rate

Project rates are based on our current rates or as stated otherwise. You can find our current rates at Our Rates page. You may qualify for a discounted rate or $0 project cost if you sign up for an eligible plan within 14 days of the project completion date.

Payment Terms & Late Payment

Tech-Alert requires 100% of any parts cost before processing parts purchase. You can purchase the parts directly to save on payment processing time and other processing charges.
Tech-Alert requires at least 50% of the project estimated cost before or on the day of the project start date and any remaining balance by the project end date.
Equipment, software, and service orders may be invoiced separately or billed directly from third party vendors based on current vendor prices at the time of purchase; we process orders after your payment has posted to our account.
You have fifteen (15) days to process due payment on the actual project complete date.
A 5% late fee of your past due amount will apply to every additional fifteen (15) days past the payment due date.

Project Completion Time & Client Responsibility

To complete a project quickly and as planned, Tech-Alert requires your commitment to cooperate fully with us quickly. We may rely on third-party vendors and any delays arising from such vendors are beyond our control. We will notify you of any delays and will handle such issues to the best of our ability to ensure the project completion as planned. Any additional tasks relating to this project and not described here may postpone the planned project completion. During the project, we may find and recommend on additional optional projects.

Client Communication

You agree that we may contact you via our ticketing & marketing systems that allow us to communicate and track project progress via e-mail during the project. If you remove your e-mail from our systems before the project end, you understand we may not be able to contact you and cause project delays.
If you no longer want to receive any communication from us after the project completion, you may remove yourself or ask us to remove you from our systems.

No Show & Appointment Cancelation

If you need to reschedule an appointment, please let us know at least 12 hours ahead of time. Once we dispatch a specialist to your location, you will be charged for travel time. In the event we cannot gain access to that location, to complete our tasks, we usually wait 15 minutes before leaving. If you need us to wait longer, that time will be added to the total project time.